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Preema Heavy Duty Galv Steel Scourer (48gx10's)

£4.49 GBP

Preema Heavy Duty Galv Steel Scourer (48gx10's)

A Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel Scourer is a cleaning tool designed to tackle tough and stubborn stains on various surfaces. It is made from galvanized steel, making it durable and corrosion resistant. This scourer is highly effective in removing baked-on grime, grease, and tough stains from pots, pans, grills, and other kitchen utensils. It can also be used for cleaning surfaces like stovetops, sinks, and grout lines. The heavy-duty construction and abrasive nature of the galvanized steel make it a reliable and long-lasting option for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. However, it is essential to use caution and avoid using it on delicate or non-stick surfaces to prevent scratching or damage.


After each use, rinse the scourer thoroughly with hot water to remove any debris or residue. Squeeze out excess water and allow it to air dry in a well-ventilated area. Avoid storing the scourer in damp or humid conditions, as it can lead to rusting. Instead, keep it in a dry and clean location, such as a kitchen drawer or a container, to prevent contact with moisture.

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