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Sujash Concentrated Washing Up Liquid 5Ltr

£3.99 GBP

Sujash Concentrated Washing Up Liquid 5Ltr

Sujash Concentrated Washing Up Liquid 5Ltr is a large-sized bottle of high-quality dishwashing liquid produced by Sujash. This concentrated formula is designed to effectively clean and remove grease and food residue from dishes, utensils, and cookware. The 5-liter bottle size makes it suitable for both household and commercial use. The washing up liquid is highly efficient, requiring only a small amount to create a rich lather. It is gentle on the hands while tough on grease, providing excellent cleaning results. Sujash is known for their commitment to producing reliable and effective cleaning products, and their Concentrated Washing Up Liquid is a trusted choice for achieving sparkling clean dishes.


To ensure proper storage of Sujash Concentrated Washing Up Liquid 5Ltr, it is recommended to keep it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. The container should be tightly sealed after each use to prevent evaporation and maintain the liquid's effectiveness. Additionally, it is important to store the washing up liquid away from food items or other household chemicals to avoid any contamination.

About Sujash

Sujash UK is the largest Authentic Indian online grocery store offering next day delivery to your doorstep in the UK, offering a vast selection of high-quality products from India and beyond. With a focus on fresh and locally sourced ingredients, Sujash provides customers with the opportunity to discover a wide range of authentic Indian products, including spices, snacks, drinks, fresh flowers, exotic fruits and more at affordable prices. From traditional staples to unique and hard-to-get ingredients, Sujash UK has something for everyone. Shop now and discover the best that Indian cuisine has to offer, all from the comfort of your own home.