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Lion Mint Sauce 2.27Ltr

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Lion Mint Sauce 2.27ltr

Lion Mint Sauce is a flavourful and tangy condiment that perfectly complements Indian snacks. Made with fresh mint leaves, this sauce adds a refreshing kick to samosas, pakoras, and other popular snacks. The large 2.27ltr bottle ensures you have a generous supply for all your snacking needs. Lion Mint Sauce is known for its authentic taste and quality, making it a favourite choice among snack enthusiasts. Its versatile nature allows you to use it as a dip, spread, or marinade for an extra burst of flavour. Elevate your Indian snack experience with Lion Mint Sauce and enjoy the delightful combination of minty freshness and zesty flavour.


Ensure the bottle is tightly sealed after each use to prevent air and moisture from entering. Avoid storing it near heat sources or in areas with fluctuating temperatures, as it can affect the quality and shelf life. It is advisable to refrigerate the sauce once opened to maintain its freshness and extend its shelf life. Before using, check for any signs of spoilage, such as an off smell or mould growth.

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