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Fresh Dutch Onion 20Kg (Bag)

£19.69 GBP

Fresh Dutch Onion 20Kg (Bag)

The Dutch onion, also known as the Shallot or Pickling Onion, is believed to have originated in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions and has been cultivated for thousands of years. It is a member of the Allium family, which also includes garlic, leeks, and chives

Are you planning an event or catering gig in the UK? Looking for that perfect touch to elevate your menu and impress your guests? Look no further than Sujash! We have covered you with all kinds of Indian vegetables with unique and innovative catering solution that offers an array of tantalizing ginger-based dishes, sure to tantalize taste buds and add a burst of flavour to your event.

At Sujash online, you can enjoy the convenience and cost savings of bulk buying Dutch onions. With our best-quality onions available in bulk, you can stock up on this versatile vegetable for your culinary needs. Dutch onions, also known as Shallots or Pickling Onions, are prized for their distinctive flavor and small size, making them ideal for pickling, preserving, or cooking in a variety of dishes. Buying in bulk from Sujash online allows you to take advantage of competitive prices and ensures a steady supply of these flavorful onions in your kitchen or for your catering or event needs


Cool, dry place: Store red onions in a cool, dry place with good ventilation, such as a pantry, cupboard, or a well-ventilated kitchen counter. Avoid storing them in areas that are damp or humid, as this can promote spoilage.

Separation: Store red onions separately from other fruits and vegetables, as they can release ethylene gas that can accelerate spoilage in other produce.

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