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Natco Sesame Seeds Hulled 1.5Kg

£9.69 GBP

Natco Sesame Seeds Hulled 1.5Kg

Mustard seeds are small, round seeds derived from the mustard plant, known for their pungent flavour and aromatic properties. They come in different varieties, including black, brown, and yellow. These seeds are commonly used in various cuisines as a spice, seasoning, or condiment. Mustard seeds are often ground to make mustard condiments, and they can also be used whole in pickles, curries, and other dishes. They add a distinct tanginess and heat to food preparations. Mustard seeds are rich in essential oils, minerals, and vitamins, and they are known for their potential health benefits, including digestive aid and antioxidant properties.


Store hulled sesame seeds in an airtight container in a cool, dry, and dark place. Prevent exposure to moisture, light, and heat, as these can lead to a loss of flavour and spoilage. While refrigeration is optional, it can extend their shelf life, particularly in warmer conditions.

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