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Top-op Cooking Salt 1.5Kg

£2.28 GBP

Top-op Cooking Salt 1.5Kg

Cooking salt, commonly known as table salt or culinary salt, is a crucial ingredient used in various culinary applications. It is typically sourced from sea salt or mined from salt deposits and undergoes refining to remove impurities. Cooking salt is finely ground, making it suitable for easy incorporation into dishes. Its primary function is to enhance the flavour of food by balancing and accentuating other tastes. Additionally, cooking salt plays a role in preserving and curing certain foods. It is also commonly used for boiling pasta, vegetables, and grains. The proper use of cooking salt is essential to achieving the desired taste and texture in a wide range of recipes, making it a fundamental component in the kitchen.


Store Salt in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Make sure the lid is tightly closed after each use to prevent clumping and maintain the salt's texture. Avoid placing the container near the stove or other sources of heat.

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