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Tulsi Frozen Cassava (Mogo) 1Kg

£3.89 GBP

Tulsi Frozen Cassava (Mogo) 1Kg

Tulsi Frozen Cassava (Mogo) in a 1kg pack offers a convenient and versatile root vegetable option. Also known as yuca or tapioca, cassava is a starchy and nutrient-rich tuber. This frozen variant retains the natural freshness and taste of cassava. It's pre-peeled and pre-cut, eliminating the need for extensive preparation. Taj Frozen Cassava is suitable for various culinary applications, from frying and boiling to baking and roasting. The 1kg pack provides ample quantity for multiple servings. With its neutral flavour, cassava can be seasoned and prepared according to your preferences, making it an excellent addition to diverse dishes. Elevate your meals with Taj Frozen Cassava's convenience and nutritious value.


Store Tulsi Frozen Cassava (Mogo) 1Kg in the freezer at a temperature of -18°C (0°F) or lower. Ensure the packaging is tightly sealed to prevent freezer burn and maintain the quality of the cassava. Avoid frequent thawing and refreezing, as this can affect the texture and taste. When ready to use, take out the desired quantity and reseal the package promptly.

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